Wednesday, December 31

Buai 2008

The same terminology again, time and tide wait for no men, another year is just about to end.
Unaware that I finished my first year and I'm going to 20!
Gosh, not longer 10++

Ups and downs I went through, well that's life! Won't you be expecting bed of roses right? Too many things to write for a year but not going into it. I wish that in the coming year everyone would be in good condition, erm... what else? In short, all those good things lo, greedy me XD

Well, as my left hand still using a sling, will just wish all of you have a great time ya!
Tomorrow is another new start, so be merry and appreciative!

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 30


Sorry readers, was in quite a bad mood when I wrote the last post.
So, to make things clearer, my left shoulder dislocated AGAIN...

Yeah, again...

Just stop repeating the word "again" please, really pissed me off...
Fifth time in my life and it is the second time for 2008, sounds crazy isn't?

Well, for those who don't know, there are three types of shoulder dislocation namely anterior, posterior and inferior. This time was anterior but I did experienced the other two before. Sounds sophisticated right? Nothing to be proud of...

I have a Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for my injured shoulder May 08 but the doctor said surgery was not necessary. Since then I did some rehabilitation exercises where I found from the internet, hoping that I won't get into the same trouble again. So I did push up regularly, swimming and so forth.

Obviously I was wrong. The only way to prevent this is to stop playing basketball. This really makes me sad. Basketball has been my favourite sport for so many years and it was my primary tool to release stress!

For now, I can feel how weak my shoulder is and most probably I have to go for surgery. I can't assure that till I consult an orthopedist this Friday. Is really freaking me to stabilize my shoulder by screwing it...

To make thing worse, I'm a left-hander. So what can I do now?


Monday, December 29


I really don't know what else to say beside sorry...
Because of my selfishness and obstinacy, I troubled my family...

It isn't the first time, warnings were given every time but I just can't refrain myself.
WHY ME? Why can't I just like others? I did strengthen my muscle but it doesn't work...

I know I shouldn't whining...
We couldn't get what we want all the time right? But I just feel so...

By the way, I might need to go for surgery, so if any of you got any recommendation please tell me if you feel free.

Thursday, December 25

Christmas Day

Yeah, is Christmas day, the day Christ was born 2000 years ago!
And I did something speical, something that I never did before
--- visit an orphanage!

Yaya, I know is like "wao!" but to clarify it, I was not helping nor contributing there. Indeed, I was experiencing something new. I also learnt that how lucky I am but I just take my family for granted. I want to change this before I regret, no use to cry over split milk right? Opps, a bit side-tracked, so back to the point. We went there together with two other organizations which I can't really remember what they called and I really don't know what were we going to do till I reached there. Luckily the speaker is quite strong in leading. Played some ice breakers yet I failed to break down the barriers between me and the kids there. Lolx... They are active but very very shy. Not to say introvert, maybe just not used to conduct with outsiders ba? But some of friends managed to mix with them, seems like I'm the cause. Too bad...

As we are choir members, so we wanted to perform. But sad to say that we didn't prepare anything so in the end we sang our camp sonng, Joy to the world and We wish you a merry christmas. Well, what you expect from the last minute preparation? But just give us a big hand for our attempt ya!

Later on, we went back to Kio's house for christmas party. Bought pizzas for dinner and started the party. Have some chit chat and played some funny stuff, which I did not have the mood to play with. Well sory for being such a wet blanket, what else to say? I left before the gift exchange.

Accidently came across this phrase:
The day love dies will be the virtual end of the world
--- Steven Spielberg

How true it is. The love that I'm talking about is not only the romance love okay? But the love of family, the love of your friends, the love of god etc... So try to reach out to them
more often, care more bout them because you and I need that a lot, so are they. Well, don't know what to continue so just call it a day ba! Anyway, is a blessed christmas to me rather than a merry christmas! Just can't get rid of the blue, too bad...

Sunday, December 21

Merry Christmas!!


Among all festivals, Christmas is the one that I most enjoyed and looking forward every year.
No need any reasons right? Just as why you like a particular thing.
Perhaps Christmas falls on Dec, where as a student we are having holidays.

Well, last year I celebrated Christmas in Sarawak, and experienced something different.
This year, parties are going on everywhere, and my schedule is fully booked. Wao, hectic life...

19th Dec
I was so honored to be invited by Aunt Judy, my piano teacher's mum, to celebrate this warm festival. Actually it was a cell group celebration and my whole family turned up as one of the guest. Well, appreciate the invitation from Aunt Judy a lot.

Food was indescribably nice and we have ice-breaking as well as some god's words & fantastic testimonial later on. Opps, missed the carolling part. How can a Christmas without Christmas carolling? Yup, here's come the impressive part. My piano teacher, Melisa; the drummer, Arthur and the violinist, Arthur's sister were performing for us! Three super duper good musicians wei! I really enjoyed that a lot man!

At the same day, there was a farewell party for chong hwa school choir. Promised to go, so I rushed there after the party was over. Trapped in school and I went home the next morning, sorry mum, really not inteded to worry you...

20th Dec
Yeah, happy b'day to Li De. He is my playmate since primary school. Appreciate the faith a lot. Hanged out with him, Kin hoe and my bro that afternoon. Watched Ip Man and then rushed to another xmas party again. Lolx...

A friend of my mum invited us. We went there earlier to swim. Yup, she has a pool in her house. So imagine how big it is... Yet still, my house is more comfortable, blek...
Food, gospel of god and testimonial and Christmas carrolling. Well, this time a carolling group came upon. Marvellous I would say, drunk in the beautiful harmony.

21 Dec
Went to church early in the morning with my bro and sis. Hehe. it was actually 10.30am.
Another wonderfull time I have! Enjoyed the performance by the lovely kids. The pastor was amusing.

On coming parties:
- 22 Dec, Great Eastern bla bla bla ( invited by Kin Hoe)
- 23 Dec, FCT Youth Reunion Night ( everybody is welcomed, tell me if you are interested)
- 27 Dec, Alvin's house ( all of you are also invited, tell me if you are interested too)

But something is missing... Would I be able to get it back? Kinda unlikely...
Whatever la, just be merry in this blessed big day ya! :)

May all of you have a wonderful time,
Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Thursday, December 18

I'm back!

Hi, people!
I'm back from FCT

This year, we went to a fantastic place called Harvest Haven in Gopeng, Perak.
It is kinda deserted, far away from the town.
What you can see around there are palm trees.
After all, Harvest Haven was just established not long ago, so all the facilities are new and it is really beautiful, much like a villa, with swimming pool, basketball court, futsal etc...
Not too big, only for 100 people and since we have 80 something, the whole place was ours!

But there is a lot of flies...
Perhaps they used cow shits to fertilize the palm trees?
But who cares?

5 days there, lot of things to write but in short I have a lot of fun and enjoyed myself a lot in either the worship, the sessions, the games, the activities or the people!
Yeah, lots of fun and most importantly, consolidated positive attitudes as well as value in me.
Shall say hi to all my new friends,
hehe, nice to meet ya!

My bro renounced himself as a Christian and I might follow him to church as well.
Frankly, I love the way they live and I enjoy worshiping Lord, but I just don't know why I can't accept Christ, weird isn't? I've been struggling through out the camp...

Took some photoes, but not yet received. Will post them once I got them.

Friday, December 12


The most epic romance since Titanic -- Twilight

How lofty it is, but undeniable, Twilight is really nice.
Well, find it out yourself and if you need companion I dun mind watch again, provided you pay for my ticket. Buahaha...

Well, vampires are normally pale but why is the middle one, don't know what his name so dark?

Personally like James, he is just too coool. Too bad he is an antagonist
Besides, I like Alice Cullen, especially the way she throws baseball.

Nice movie! Looking forward to the next episode. If you have the story book, borrow me if you don't mind, can't wait to discover what happen next.

When you can live forever,
what do you life for?

Saturday, December 6


Yeah, as the title said so, i'm having holidays!!!
Well, that's the end of my first year. Nothing remarkable other than people that I met.
Haha, wonder if we got the chance to sit in the same lecture hall together, fat chance right?
Do we have a chance to have group study again like the week before?

What ever it is, I will be having 3 months of holidays. Kinda long break but am going to intern, hopefully I will be accepted. But, the problem is, I haven send out my cv, gosh!
Procrastination will definitely ruin my life...

By the way, am now looking forward to Youth Camp! buahaha....

Wednesday, December 3

Goddess of the moon smile

Hey there, just finished law paper and kinda lazy to study leadership.
Well, kinda unhappy with my law paper, but since over already, what can I do?

I guess many of you noticed the unusual phenomena few days ago right?
Yeah, the Goddess of the moon smile.
Actually I saw it at 7 something, that time I was lazing around with Kin Hoe and Li De at the basketball court. One sitting for STPM while I sitting for final, so just came out to gasp some fresh air, and tata, Haha, how lucky I was to see it.
We tried to snap it down but failed. Hmm, what are you expecting out of a camera phone?

Alvin called me later on, just to tell me about the moon. Haha, I was like, wah...
That's what friend is isn't?
Haha, how glad I have friend like him.