Thursday, November 27


Maybe it is a short semester or maybe I just get used to it, I don't have the urge and the feelings of exam, not to say that I just don't feel like studying.
Isn't it worst?
I would rather have exam phobia which probably will urge me to study.
In fact I did study bits by bits everyday, it just that, well, some kind of feelings are missing...

Anyway, I met with my old friends last night. Well, thanks Hao Jia for organizing,
but, I was kinda unhappy with it.
Never ever late again la please... Really get frustrated...
At least try not to be late for one hour la, it will only spoil all the fun, so what for?

We supposed to reach Yuen Restaurant at 7.30pm. In fact, we reached there about 9.30.
So, what to say?
Well, despite that, I really glad to see them again. Most remarkable is, this was the first time Chia Yi & Yong Jian hang out with us together ever since they fell in love affair. How lovely-dovey they are...

But the chicken wings are far more remarkable than that,
scumptious, lovely, delicious or what ever it is, everybody just fighting for one bite.
Haha, exaggerated...
Oh ya, just briefly introduce the restaurant.
Hmm, it is located opposite Sunway Pyramid, steamboat buffet, RM 20 per pax, lot of ingredients but most of them are sea foods. The restaurant is three-storeyed so imagine how good the business is.

9 of us just eat non stop and of course we chatted a lot.
Most of them engaged in direct selling, forget what the company's name.
They need to sign some package but most of them choosed to buy a small piece of, erm, plastic?
sry, no offence, just forget what it called.
What ever it is, the main function is produce energy from the water molecule and they said it enhances health.

The 'plastic' costs bout RM2k and what you need to do next is develop your down lines. There comes the complicated part.
I don't have a clear picture of how the remuneration works but I'm more concern bout is the 'plastic' really works? If so, how does it works? Without all these proven with scientific rationale, I remain skeptical.
Hmm, this is one of my personalities. Is it good or bad?

Well, that was just part of our conversations, and we left at 11 smthg, approaching 12am.
By the time I reached home, it was 1 smthg.

I wanted to sleep as I have to wake up at 6am the following morning but I just couldn't sleep.
Maybe too full, or maybe I recalled the great time last year...
Oh gosh, I hate suffering insomnia, especially knowing that the next day I have to wake up aerly... What to do?
Reading law and hopefully I will get hypnotized but neither I read a word nor I feel sleepy,
Indeed, all the memories just flashed in my mind,
the songs we sang together, the conflicts we had, the ups and downs we went through,
the movies we watched, burning midnight oil together....

Randomly select some of them...
What made me what I am today, what strengthen me and what makes me look forward are these, of course not only them...

Well back to reality, fight with all effort! No more lazing around!

Sunday, November 23

Neverland v 蕉赖蕉赖

Attention please!!
Something that you should not miss it, and here it is -- HIGH TEA 3!
Well, maybe by the time you read this post, no more shows available, what to do?
Wait their next performance lo.

Sad to say that I missed out the first 30 minutes because I was late, some more failed to find the venue. Appreciate Tau Min's sacrifices very very much, if not I might miss out the whole drama.

You might be wondering what's so attractive rite?
Basically, they were performing two stories, namely 《Neverland》&《蕉赖蕉赖》.

* p.s. 蕉赖 = Cheras

The theme of 《Neverland》 is about people like us trying to run away from reality, yet we failed to escape; we tend to look for our so called 'Neverland' and indulge ourselves. However, days in Neverland, we are nothing much but zombies, soulless and living blindly.Whenever we get sick of the Neverland, we run back to where we came from and the routine goes on and on...

Well, this drama is more to an indirect communication, i.e body languange, but personally prefer their singing part, not to say fascinate, but it just attracted me. Lolx... Alvin told me they imitated dolphin's voice but too bad i missed it...

After a 10-minute interlude, it was《蕉赖蕉赖》time!
Unlike the former, this is a hilarious drama and audiences were just laughing non stop except for one part where confusions aroused. I like the way they start, and their acting skills are really impressive! Couldn't describe by words... Even motor were used as one of their props!

Okie, so if you have to choose one of them to live in permanant, which one would you choose? Pressure-free but soulless Neverland? Or a turbulent, full of uncertainties, unfavorable but yet where you can find friendship, loves & etc?

Well, I would rather choose the latter. How bout you?
Are you ready to go through the ups and downs?

Haha, bed time again!
Thx for reading and have a nice day!

Wednesday, November 19


Phew, assignment passed up, mid term over, so?

I really impressed with today's technology,
If you can't find companion for tennis;
If the bowling center is too crowded;
If you don't want to play golf under the sun;
go get a Nintendo Wii.

Wii is the newest type of sport,
unlike PSP or PS2 where you ended up being obese,
Wii can really help you to lose weight while gaming, no joke.

Yeah, we found it on the b'day party <alvin's mom's student's party>
and the Wii is her present delivered from japan by her dad! Envious huh?

Tau Min & Xin boxing each other

Alvin & my bro joined them

The b'day girl is just a kid and the attendees were either parents or kids, but her sister did invite her friends and one of them attracted Xin. They were playing "Truth or Death" while we having fun with Wii. When we all drenched, Alvin's mom asked us to play with them. Feeling embarrassing and weird, we fooled ourselves but we went in the room at last.

For our suprise, there's a boy confessing his love! Gosh, how brave he was!
It is sad to say he failed because the girl said she's too young and her mom inhibits her to in love before 15. Well, as big gor gor & jie jie, we gave the boy some advices and i wonder how it is going on?

Guess what? Xin was the biggest winner of that night. He got the girl's number whom attracted him at the very first sight with the help of the boy. Wao, he was brave too, isn't it?
Undeniable, the girl is really pretty, but is not my cup of tea. Buahaha...

And did ya notice that love birds are flying all over the town recently?
Too sad I'm not one of them, lol...

16 Nov 08

We got some difficulties to wake up at 7am since we slept late that night.
Suprissingly, no late comers but yet, we departed at 9 smthg instead of 8am.
Really sry for the delay.

17 peoples in 4 cars and within half an hour, we reached our destination!
Well, let's the photos do the talkings

The map

Everyone seems enthusiastic

Chui Wen, Ming Yee, Alvin & me

Hui Xin & my bro
Lovely couple

Giant turkey?!
Don't stop me wei!!!

The girlsThe boys
Sky bridgeSky bridge again

After some photo sessions, we finally managed to rent the bicycle.
17 bicycles in a row

Cycling along the track, we went to the climate house. Did you ever see winter in Malaysia?
Haha, here we are! It was early winter that day, the temperature was around -2 to -7 Celsius! Can you imagine how cold it was?
Couldnt stand the cold?!Hey, see what's man stand for! jk..The snow housePenguins !!
After spending bout 20 minutes inside the climate house, our sweats dried up but our stomach were growling! So we found an awesome place for lunch. Here we go,
Lunch time!Jungle?!Breathtaking isn't?Lots of loveXinNot willing to leave?!Do they look alike?

We visited some bird farms later on. Cycling is really tiring, how long haven't been cycling, I can't balance myself free handed anymore. Cycling up the slope was tiring, but it's kinda fun when going down the hill. Unluckily, someone was injured, haha, guess who?

That's all for today, though exhausted, I enjoyed it! Well, it's pretty late now, let's just call it a day!