Wednesday, September 16

Quando Quando Quando


When I read my last comment only I found I was not making things clear. Hmm, perhaps I shall draw a line here.

I'm over her.

In fact, there is someone else dwelling in my heart and she is

Opps, did I just blurt out her name? Silly me, I shouldn't.. Well, just keep it low profile okay? You don't want to see me blush like a tomato right? So don't ask.

Having said that, doesn't mean I'm going to shut her out of my life.
I will still greet her on any occasion, say King's birthday, New Year, bla bla bla...
I will still heave wistful sigh reminiscing the good old days.
I will still do whatever I used to do, the only difference is with another frame of mind.

So, don't give me that I-can't-stand-you kind of expressions anymore. =)

And as for my lovely Juliet, tell me quando quando quando...

Wednesday, September 9


Wednesday, September 2

In All Give Thanks

"In All Give Thanks"
Wonder why is this phrase keep popping into my mind so frequently as of late.

In all give thanks, is easier said than done, especially someone like me who tends to take things for granted find it extremely hard to practice this.

Anyway, life is getting more and more hectic and once again, I find my time management is yet to be improved. I have to get rid of procrastination or else insufficient sleep is going to make me a walking zombie.

Long story short, I wouldn't be able to update my blog as often as I used to be. Please don't miss me too much as I don't want ended up sneezing all day long and look suspiciously like a HINI patient. =)