Friday, June 26

R.I.P., MJ

I was dumbfounded when I heard this.

Not that I'm a fan of MJ.

To be frank, I've never watched the King of Pop's famous moon walk until today and I can hardly name his songs. You're not Alone, Heal the World and We are the World are what I could name.

All these years what I've been hearing about him was the alleged child abuse that severely ruined his reputation and a shocking announcement of record-breaking UK comeback tour. Oh ya, how could I forget his skin bleaching and plastic surgery?

Despite all the negative claims, no doubt he was a talented person. Well, I just did some research and guess what, he had showed his musical talent at 5 years old and joined his brother's band (Jackson 5)! If this doesn't convince you, think about the comeback tour. Tickets of 50 concerts were sold out within hours! It is really unbelievable...

And now, he's dead. The famous pop star has gone. Guess many of us are going to miss him.

May you rest in peace, MJ.

Tuesday, June 23












这一天也遇到很多旧朋友,衣袖啦,polar bear 啦,臭臭拉,俊源啦,还有不记得了。。。人老了,果然健忘,呵呵。。。

看了合唱团的表演,听到colours of the wind 时有想哭的感觉,真得很怀念这一切的一切,真得很怀念你们这班朋友,不晓得大家怎么了?在槟城的,在金宝的,再kl的,都还好吧?



Saturday, June 20


Alright, don't be panic, you're in the right place if you're looking for my blog, only that I've changed the template.

It used to be black in colour, giving a dull and deadly impression but not anymore! Reason to renovate? Well, it's simple. It's about to reach 50 posts (is this a reason?!) and this blog is about 7 months old (is this a reason too?!)! On top of that, I'm bored with the template (this sounds more convincing).

Haha, whatever reason it is, I like my blog more now because it looks more cheerful and more delightful, don't you think so? But one thing I dislike about the new template is that photos and words have been lighten, as if shrouded in mist. Tried to remove it but unfortunately all the codes are too foreign to me, so can't help much.

Anyway, all the gadgets have been carried down, credit to my brother because he did this for me and freed me from the cumbersome process for embedding them one by one again. Arigato!

As you can see, there's a music player on the right hand side. To avoid annoyance, the auto play is disabled, so click the "play" button if you would like to check out what is my taste of music as I'll arbitrarily add songs that I enjoy listening. So, do hope you enjoy them too!

Thursday, June 18

The end of another semester

So, one more semester gone and it is holiday now! Yippee!

Before going any further, congratulations to Alvin for proceeded to the interview stage for his Japanese scholarship. Okay, am expecting a free meal from you but please get a hair cut first, can? XD Anyway, all the best to you!

Haha, back to the topic.

As usual, movie comes right after the end of examination period, no exception for this time too!
Went to Midvalley for Angels and Demons, but luck wasn't with us. It was selling hot and only front rows were available.

Despite that, the movie was awesome! You wouldn't know who's the antagonist until the very last minute. Complicated, tense and mysterious, it will definitely keep you awake throughout the movie.

Religion and science, fate and facts, how would you justify them? Well, having scientific background, it is kinda hard for me to answer this. I would rather quote from the movie,

"Fate is a gift, I've yet to receive"

p.s. Okay, is holiday now and I'm free. Is anyone going to date me?
Argh... ;p

Sunday, June 14

Revenge of Fallen

Wonder is it because reading too much and didn't relax my eyes, my eyes are so dry and I can't even sleep well. Argh, is all examination's fault!

3 more days to go, then I'm free! Well, clear all movies "in arrear", like Night at the museum 2, Angel & demon, Monster vs alien, Terminator 4, Blood...

and most importantly, I don't want to miss Transformer 2! Just by watching the trailer alone is boiling my blood! Omigosh!

Okay, I better back to reality first...

Thursday, June 4

Warning! emo ahead!

No doubt that grades do not mean everything but you can't deny that when you score low mark, it actually means your answer is not correct and you got something wrong.

But the problem is, I don't see why I should get such a low mark for my law. Maybe I'm just too dumb that I actually misinterpret everything? I wish I could have a look at my paper and see what's went wrong.

I'm not fretting myself for getting such a low mark, getting low marks or even zero for my exam is not something unusual for me after all, is just that I've put in all my effort in it and I think I deserve something better than that, unless I'm a failure in nature. You know, through out my life, I've never succeed in anything, regardless how much effort I've devoted and one of them is basketball. Putting so much effort, so much time but what now? Don't even dare to play now.

I don't want to lower my head and say, okay, this is my fate, I'm a failure in nature, no matter what, failure remains failure. I want to fight back, I want to regain my confidence and I want to prove I can do it as well as somebody else! But what? It seems like all my efforts are in vain, instead of satisfaction, frustration is what I get... I don't know how...

Sorry guys, I shouldn't post this up, but I just can't bottle it up either. I know my emotional management has been done very badly, I promise I will find some ways to release all these negative things soon. Anyway, I apologise for the rant and thanks for reading this up. I'll be fine soon.


No More Probation!

Voice 1: Yeah, I'm now a full-fledged driver!

Voice 2: So?!

Voice 1: Which means I don't need this anymore.

Voice 2: So?! You still have to comply with the Road Act and all those nonsense right?

Voice 1: Yeah,but I'm no longer under probation! I'm now a full-fledged driver, and I get pretty excited about it.

Voice 2 : . . .