Monday, January 2

Here I Am Again

Any loyal reader out there? Ok never mind, I see no hands... It's ok, I just feel like writing =P

Believe me, there were times where I was back here with the intention to share, but for whatever reasons, it always got interrupted and now, there are more drafts than published posts in my admin page. Hopefully this post will be published and not remained as draft.

Well, second day of 2012, but I seriously not in a mood to set my new year resolution neither am I in the mood of reviewing my progression on my last year's resolution. But 2011 had been a year so different from what I've gone through for the past 20 years or so. Well, I'd just dedicate this post to some of the TOP moments in 2011.

Top 2 Terrifying Moment in 2011
2. I've done my work and I asked my senior through online communication tool if he/she needs any help and he/she replied "I need someone to kill me, can?" 
Believe me, that's one helluva of scary stuff. First thing first, I barely know him/her and secondly, online communication tool has no emotion, so I don't know if he/she's fooling around with me or I'm simply too annoying. Not knowing what to do next, I just stood there dumbfounded.

1. My car spun violently and all I hear was several loud crashes and glass shattering, thank God I'm still alive...
I do not wish to re-experience this ever again, it is the worst thing ever happened to me by far. Thank God I was alone on that road that morning and I came out the badly damaged car unscathed.

Top 2 Unforgettable Moment in 2011 
2.  I visited my grandma in hospital and she asked me to sit but I said I've been sitting too long until my backside hurt, she smiled... And that was her last smile...
I've never liked the idea of dying, and even though I know sooner or later I'm going to experience it, I've always shun the thought away. Until in late August 2011, I've seen my grandma passed away in front of me. She'll always in my heart, may you rest in peace, grandma.     
1.  She was dressed in light blue Maxi dress, a 3-course-meal awaiting me...
That was one of the best nights I had in 2011, she cooked a 3-course-meal all by herself, setting up the candle lights and waiting patiently for me to come over after work. When her plan dawn on me, I couldn't close my jaw for a good 10 minutes and no words came out of it. It was very unexpected and hey dear, you are awesome! Thanks and I will always love you...

Happy 2012!