Tuesday, November 13

Let go, to soar or to fall

I couldn't agree with you more this time, it was me who took the liberty to stride into the empty darkness knowing that I might not walk out intact again. So now that I'm tearing my hair out as the void consumes me mercilessly, who else but me myself is at blame? 

"It was your choice," so you said. Flabbergasted, but very true indeed. But, really? Can you just wipe off your sleeve and say all these have nothing to do with you? Are you not the very reason why I risk whatever left in me to venture into the darkness?

"It is my choice to fall, and if you're hurt seeing me falling, that's the part I couldn't help," so you said. Never mind, now that I'm once again slipped back to the back seat, I guess it's time for me to feel the sun again. I wish the best of you and if you ever needed me again, turn back and I'll still be there. But this time, I promise you won't see the fool ever again. 

As much as you've reminded me of the choices are always laid in our very own hand, I hope you have not forgotten that happiness, too, is a choice. And this time, it's not just the choice, it's my choice.

Hopefully it's yours too.

p.s Infatuation and love are two different thing, choose carefully and wisely.

Saturday, November 3

One Last Lazing Saturday of the Year

The moist air of a Saturday evening
and the breeze so full of freshness,
rainbow after the rain, so they said.

As the guitar twangs in my ears,
my heart races to where I longed
everything's gonna be ok, so I said.