Friday, October 7


9/11/2016, to the world it was the 14th anniversary since one of the darkest day in human histories. But on a personal level, it marked my first anniversary in the State. Mathematically, it is no doubt 365 days since I boarded the jet plane, but it felt much longer than that, more like half a decade. I wonder if it's the changes in season that stretched the concept of time in my mind or I was simply astonished by how much the kid in me has grown up. Either way, I have to admit I haven't done a good job in keeping a journal to bore my readers.

So much has changed since then and it seems like I've ventured off my comfort zone way too deep, it felt like a lifetime ago since I was last at peace. I often find myself wondering if what I've gained over the past year outweighs the losses, I just couldn't quite tell. With six more months to go, I only hope winter will be good to me.