Tuesday, March 1


A lot has happened in this short span of time. I think it would take up a good fortnight to give a blow-to-blow detail of what I've been up to or what had jumped into my life and took me by surprise. To cut short, after three years, here comes the moment where I've to don in some silly robes, holding a rolled quality paper that cost me 38k and smile to the camera. Supposedly to be one of my proudest moments. Yea, supposedly. Well, under my mortarboard, there hides a word regret with capital letters. Anyway, I still feel an ounce of happiness on this regard, but, sigh, gone my student-priced-movie-tickets. This ain't good huh?

So on the tour of getting myself employed, a lot of anxious, self-doubt and nervous were on the way. It wasn't a smooth drive like my other friends, where they hit the jackpot for the first interview. Awfully screwed up the first interview, and the next thing I know was finding myself in a dilemma between going on with what I had on hand or risked it for a better choice. Thank God it all ended well and everything is settled down. My earnest gratitude to those assisted me along the way, this includes Mr. Google.

Alright, a snippet on the second happiest man in the world. Well, you know who you are. So far so good I would say, despite some small fights now and then. You wouldn't know how surprised I was that day when you get me water during dinner. It's not just about saying the sacred three words, the warmness comes from small little stuff like that, at least to me. You deserve the award and keep making me the happiest man in the world ya? 

To wrap up everything, life has been what it is, not lacking moments of joy or anger or tear, what is really lacking is a rewind button. But who needs it? You wouldn't know how it would have been if another road were taken. Why bother then?