Saturday, June 16

It was supposed to be a day worth celebration,
Marking a new milestone in walking our life together,
A day to jump with joy on my result and the end of your exam,
Nothing seems more perfect 
As if we were made for each other
And dancing together in your prom.
This was how I've pictured, 
Only now it is a dream that would never come true.

How many thousand times,
I've picked up my phone trying to dial your number,
But it's not easy,
for a new chapter has begun,
I'm no longer your need,
Like a pen run out of ink, 
It's time to replace.

I know, 
It's not been easy for you,
It must have hurt you so bad to have it replaced.
I know,
I shouldn't have opted for a break,
It was out of good intention,
Nigh was your exam,
Concentration and focus you needed,
For I failed to notice the root of the cause.
For I thought stress was to be blame.

I still care,
And I know you do too,
But the way we care for each other,
It would be a challenging one.
But I'll stand by you,
Genuinely as your friend,
If you ever need me.

Just so you know,
I'm letting go,
For your smile is what I adore,
Even though I'm not the reason you smile anymore.
That's the last thing I could give,
Bitter sweet taste,
I'm going to miss you,
Like a child misses his blanket.

For years I've not cried,
I never felt this much alive and real, 
You've thought me it's ok to cry,
It's ok to show your true colour,
You believe in me and gave me strength,
Made me a real person than I was,
Thanks for loving me.

 And I'm fine,
Life has not lack of laughter, 
It's been great,
I believe,
tomorrow will be even greater,
to me, to you.

Sunday, June 10

My lacrimal gland has became slightly active recently, so active that I almost tear while I was indulging myself in Glee for the past two weekends. It reminds me of my high school, only not so fulfilling; it reminds me of all my broken dreams, reigniting the courage to dream big again; it reminds me of the unfinished journey with you,  with melodies best remain unsung. 

Somehow, I still think maybe one day, you'll come back to me like how it always happens in movies. But neither am I Leo nor you're Paige. It's glad to see how happy you are now. Oh please, make no mistake, I'm happy now, even though the end of the road to full recovery is still  unseen, and every now and then, I still miss you, as a friend. 

 Anyway, I like this song so much recently, one more song added into my weird music collection, well, I've always have weird taste, don't I?  :p