Monday, December 13

"To be more awesome than last year"
I remember early this year I set this as my goal for 2010. But truth be told, I failed badly. If there is a scale to judge my yearly performance up to my 21 years of existence on earth, I think I've been the worse me in 2010. 

I abused all the trusts that were put forth on me and brought disappointment to those I hold dear. How unworthy...

If there is one last thing I got to do before the arrival of 2011, it would be a sincere apology to all whom I've troubled, disappointed, hurt and offended. It's time to get myself out of this mess, not without all of your help though. So please kick me in my butt when I show a slight sign of irresponsibility. 

Few more days to 2011, few things that I shall start doing:
  • Be a better bf, brother, son, friend and a follower of Christ
  • Be on time
  • Stop procrastinate and get things done fast
  • Keep my words
and most importantly, be more awesome than whom I was.
To end this, Merry Christmas to all wonderful people around me! =)