Tuesday, July 28

A miss is as good as a mile

When you sit nervously in the exam hall and once the clock strikes at the starting time, what will you do?

Well, after years and years of examination, you should have known a legible hand writing is crucial, which column should not be written, no cheating is allowed and bla bla bla... So instinctively I will pick up my pen and start filling in my details on the answer booklet and next I will start answering questions, without scrutinizing the instructions on the cover page. In other words, I'm stereotyped. And it was this stereotype that put me into a whole lot of trouble (a silly incident to be accurate) last night.

It got nothing to do with examination but the movie "The Proposal".

Every now and then Today is giving out coupons for movie premiere and it used to be collecting two different ads in exchange for two premiere tickets. However, there was a change for the movie "The Proposal", requiring all four different ads in exchange for four premiere tickets but because I didn't read the terms and conditions at all, I didn't notice that and had caused a hell lot of inconvenience to those who went for the movie (Alvin, Rachael...) as well as those who were not (Me, my family and Chui Wen). Apologize in advance.

And it reminds me of something else.

Few months ago when Proton first launched its new production Exora, they had an ad on the front page of The Sun. A two pages ad, with reversed words written at the back and images on the front page. Very creative indeed.

Supposedly, we should held the ad as shown in the photo. Oh, there's a line writing "To discover just how amazing it is, hold it up to the light".

But most of us didn't notice that. In fact, we tried to use mirror reflection to read it. Lol, how silly it was... In the end, it was a foreign student who told us about the clause, followed by a sarcastic comment, "That's why I say you Malaysian never read".

Get what am I trying to say? In short, try not to be lazy, read what ever that are written thoroughly, if not a quick glance even though you've been reading the same thing over and over again. It only took a few moment but will save you from troubles. So, do you have the same bad habit as I am?

Saturday, July 25

Getting back to school

Excited and nervous, I checked my results with some expectation yesterday. And guess what? My smile disappeared as soon as my results appeared on my monitor.

No A ?! Nevermind...
No B+ ?! I'm dead...
Two C+ ?! Kill me, somebody please...

Gosh, I'm really sadly disappointed but there is no use bellyaching about it right? Instead of disgracing my blog ranting this and that, I guess the better solution is to work even harder for the coming semester.

So, drop me some words of encouragement if you feel free, shall see you guys soon ('',)

Saturday, July 18

I Ain't No Past-Dweller

"I wish I could turn back the time..."
Bet this is what we always hear when we grow older and older. Adults wanted to be young again, the working one reminiscing the school days, university students like me hoping to get back to secondary school days and so on...

Not everyone of us but at least I am was. Yeah, was.

I used to say this during my childhood:
"I want to grow up, I want to be an adult, so no one will interfere my discretion..."
As I growing up, I face more challenges, deal with more difficulties, and so I started to run away, hiding myself in the past, where everything didn't seem so harsh, so cruel, so discouraged. But wait, wasn't in the past too full of ordeals? When I was a toddle, how many times had I fell down before I learnt to walk? When I was a teenager, how many sprained fingers I suffered before I managed to lay up?

See, life being what it is, neither the past nor present is a bed of roses. So why not look forward as you used to be?

Things change with time, only one thing that will never change - no one can ever go back to the past. Meaning that no matter how dismay you are, how rich you are or how knowledgeable you are, there is no way for you to turn back time and this is a very fact that can never be changed.

I was rather a past dweller and I absolutely understand it is not easy to let go certain things in life. But you have to know this, dwelling in the past will do nobody any good, especially you yourself. So open up your heart and live in present, let the past be your lesson and future as your dreams to be achieved.

Well, if you so happen to be a past-dweller too, hope this will somehow encourage you. It's not easy but won't you want to hide your head under the sand like an ostrich forever? Held your head high and face it with all your courage.

All in all, let's cherish our past and learn to move on. I hope I'm no longer a past dweller!

Wednesday, July 15

Buon Compleanno

tanti auguri a te!
tanti auguri a te!
tanti auguri a Chia Yi & Xe Xe,
tanti auguri a te!

Sunday, July 12

People come and people go

Guess in one or two years time we won't be able to hear these words. Anyhow, I won't miss you, haha...

Bye Ryan!
Bye Joanna!
Wish you both will have a great time over there. ('',)

Wednesday, July 8

Random #2

Sometimes, words just can't convey one's thoughts and feelings, so drawings came in.

Love is really inexplicable though. The one you love isn't the one who loves you.

Lolx, don't mistaken, no déjà vu here. Just being too boring and wanted to try something new. Hehe...

By the way, this was done by Paint. Quite blur because I tried to use several software to beautify it but ended worst. Lazy to make further changes so just leave it as it is.

Actually wanted to draw some more, but drawing with mouse is definitely challenging so the picture stops there. Am figuring GIMP2 and Flash, hopefully next time will have something better to present.


Monday, July 6

The Power of 7

Surely there are some special dates in your life that you never wanted to forget, I believe so? As in my birthday? Haha, just joking. Who the hell will care about it?

As for me, there's quite a number of dates I never wanted to forget and one of them is 070707, the "lucky seven day". But it wasn't lucky at all for me.

This was a day where I experienced happiness, frustration and ruefulness at the same time.
This was a day where I found the the most precious treasure of all things, friendship.
This is a day I will never forget for the rest of my life.


All because of "The Way I Am".

Anyway, all the best to my beloved friends out there! Even though we are no longer as close as we used to be, but as always, I still care for you!

Thursday, July 2

I'm back!

Hey guys, how do you do? Life has been awesome here!

Haha, came back from cameron highland last night and can't wait to blog about it but will not do so until I collect all the photos.

So be patient and stay tune ya?