Sunday, October 25

Lay Back

So, finally I got a chance to slow down my pace, take a deep breath and lay back for a short while. Phew...

Lot of things happened in the past few weeks, but due to the heavy workload that I had, I killed my enthusiasm to blog about them, telling myself 'hey, mind your priority, don't get distracted.'

Guess what? When it comes to free time like now, my intention to blog about them has reduced to the minimum. In layman terms, I lost the mood. This is no good eh?

Anyway, will selectively blog about some in the near future. Couldn't tell you how soon it will be because final exam is coming in two weeks time! Oh no...

Thursday, October 1

C'est la vie

Walking down the journey of life, once again, another crossroad laid in front of me. With no clear directory, I was torn between the two.

Squinting hard at the left, I saw no end.
Turning to the other side, the end shrouded in a mist.

"Which path should I take?"

I hesitated, evaluated and finally made my move.

Never know where the road eventually lead me to, never know what is coming next, but I know for sure this is my decision, of which I feel comfortable with and I shall never regret.

Although there are thorn bushes, I shall overcome it with patience and joy.
A gentle answer quiets anger, but a harsh one stirs it up
Proverbs 15:1

I will cling on this as I walk along. Point out my mistakes and correct me, for I'm only a human being.