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Thursday, August 20

All About Birthday

In case you don't know, this is going to be a grandmother story.

Initially, I wasn't willing to blog about this without having all the photos and videos that I need, because long post without photo is just equivalent to watching a black and white television show, or even worse. But I know I shouldn't delay any longer either. So bear with me and I shall add on the photos and videos as soon as possible, deal?

Long story short, my first surprise came on 7 of August. It was Friday and as usual, I went to cell group with Alvin and my brother. Things went on normally and it was not until closing prayer was done that I found myself in total astonishment! Everybody was staring at me; birthday song flew into my ears; Sarah holding a slice of cake approaching me... Surprise comes when least expected and this is it!

Words for RSG: I've never been given a cold shoulder just because I'm a non-believer and being with you guys are just nice. RSG rocks!

Surprise 2:

The next morning my brother asked me to go to cybercafe because Tzyy was going back to Singapore on Sunday. So off I went and what's on my mind for the next three hours were Dota. Around 3pm, I reached home. It was a scorching hot afternoon and I was facing down all the time to avoid the strong sunlight once I got down from my car. Strangely enough, curtains in my house were all down (this is not the case normally) and doors were all locked! The first thought that struck me was burglary! No idea why, of all things, burglary came to my mind.

Just a few moment later, door was opened and I rushed in. I couldn't describe the exact situation once I entered my house because I was entirely dumbfounded! No sturdy men, no offensive weapons, but a bunch of cheerful friends, close friends that I've not seen for quite some time, holding cake and singing the familiar song. Was I dreaming? No way, it was way too early. Pinched myself. Ouch, it's hurt!

Gosh, out of a sudden, I was enlightened, understood why my brother asked me out, why my mom had told me not to go anywhere the day before because I had to fetch my sister. It was all a scheme, an infiltration! Wasn't it? Anyhow, to be frank, I've suspected nothing. Nothing at all.

They contacted my brother, my sister and even my mum and all the plan just worked out perfectly nice. While I was in cybercafe, they were frying nuggets, french fries and preparing salad in my house!

Not only that, they also prepared a short performance.

My tears were about to roll down but luckily it didn't happen. =)

Kio had another hot dance but she doesn't like her performance that day. See if I got the chance to upload it. Anyway, that was a great performance, Kio.

Words for my family: I find it extremely difficult to thank all of you face to face. Throughout the years, I've been troubling you all so much. I don't tell a lot about me myself because I don't want to worry you all. After all, I'm old enough to handle my own affairs. Daddy and mommy, sorry for my rebellious and misbehavior. As to my siblings, I know I'm not the epitome of a good brother, but I do really care a lot for you. In short, I'm proud to be in this family and I love you all very much =)

Words for Kio, Fish, Hao Jia, Xing Yuen, Maggy, Chia Yi, Yi Chen, Feng Ling: Forgive me not giving comments to each and every one of you, but I really love all of you very much. Most of the time, I ffk and seldom do I call or sms to keep myself updated. Yet, I got the best out of you all. Contented. What else can I ask for? Anyway, I wish everyone of us all the best in life, may it be in studies, relationship or health. Keep in touch ya~

Words for Tzyy, Tomoki and Zen: Thanks for being part of the plan, if weren't you, I would have suspected something. xD

Surprise 3:

12 of August 2009 is the day where I left my old bag (which I've been using for 3 years) and my metal pencil box at the little corner of my room because I got a brand new one as birthday present. Actually I saw this as white elephant at first, because though my bag and pencil box look worn and torn, it is still usable and I've never thought of replacing them. But I'm really happy receiving new one. Maybe you all are right, I should have care more about my attire, my image. Hmm ... White bag implies me that I got to be more careful and on top of that, I got to clean it whenever it gets dirty. Oh no... Any tips on handling white bag?

Went to Pizza Hut during break and really happy to see so many turned up. ^^ Interestingly enough, since form 3, almost every year my birthday have got to do with Pizza Hut. Lolx... I'm not a fanatic Pizza's fan by the way.

Kept the hype alive, we went for G.I. Joe right after that.

Words for Ah Ting, Xing Hui. Li Li, Yu Bing, Ah Xin, Chui Wen, Ming Yee, Roushian, De Ren, Zhi Ming, Han Wen, Yen Mei, Jian Shun, Joey, Yin Xin: Though it was just a simple lunch, I appreciate it a lot. Well, I swear I will take good care of the bag and I will gel my hair (hmm...?), no more short pants in school and try not to ffk. Haha, satisfied? Anyway, for those who are going oversea next year, all the best in study but don't stress yourselves too much. Opss, so does everyone. All the best ya ^^

If you think that's all for this, I'm sorry, you're wrong.

Surprise 4:

Alvin slept over my house the coming Friday (14 of August) and asked for my companion to One Utama the next day, claiming to buy text book. Without hesitation, I agreed.

It was my brother who woke us up around 10.30am and after a light brunch, off we went. Pretty unusual that Alvin was sms-ing on the way and what made this even suspicious were two phone calls. Alvin was just answering "hmm", "oh", "ya", "erm" in which you probably won't answer in a normal course of conversation. Then he told me Racheal was having lunch at Italianese, everything became clear, wasn't it? Haha... Anyhow, I was still surprised!

Li Jian, Toby, Jun Yuan, Frog, Hui Bin, Racheal, Lun Wen, Hui Xin, Zhi Quan, Pei Voon, Xin Ying, Xiao Pei, Monica, Hui Wen, were already enjoying their lunch when we reached there. Apparently, we're late. xD

Once food was cleared, the service crews came over with a box of lovely cupcakes, a Tabocca chili sauce and tambourine. They asked me to stand on a chair to speech. Well, at that time I was speechless. Way too happy to speak.

Next they handed me a straw, thought I were to drink the Tabocca. In fact, I got to use that straw to blow off candles from a distance. Well, I did it, hoho... And my reward was the "Italianese birthday song".

Words for Alvin, Li Jian, Toby, Jun Yuan, Frog, Hui Bin, Racheal, Lun Wen, Hui Xin, Zhi Quan, Pei Voon, Xin Ying, Xiao Pei, Monica, Hui Wen: Really happy to see all of you that day. Thanks for spending your time with me and I love the cupcakes as well as the candles. They are just as cute as all of you~Opss...

I might be unlucky in the love department but God has definitely be kind enough to me for having friends like you all. Well, I wouldn't kill myself for being single, but without friends and family. Haha...

Shall stop here and once again, thanks a lot guys. If I missed out someone, be kind enough to tell me, you know la, I'm very forgetful sometimes. All in all, have a nice day.


Sunday, August 9

Picks & Pickles of the week

Well, a lot of things going on in these few days that somehow make me not in a study mood that I'm supposed to be.

Surprised. Touched. Thrilled. Bewildered. Grateful. Can't find any word that can convey my feelings precisely. All in all, I'm really thankful for everything you all have done and I appreciate them very very much. Thanks in advance :) Will tell you guys what's going on once I get everything I need and most probably will be the next post. So stay tune to find out the greatest "infiltration" in the history. Lolx... Once again, arigatou gozaimasu!

Okay, back to the gist, I fetched my brother to his school (APIIT) after his piano practical exam last Friday. While he was taking part in Math Exploration, I decided to swim at Bukit Jalil Aquatic Stadium with Alvin. Who knows luck wasn't with me. It was having Malaysia Mini Olympic and wasn't open for public until the next day. Fine. Went to another stadium near Tun Razak but it was closed for the same reason too, just that it was another competition.

Gosh... We then went to Bukit Jalil Golf Club (rich men's club) but the pool is only open for members and members' guests. Without a membership card, nothing you can do. Desperated, we decided to try our luck by asking an auntie to invite us as her guests. Maybe it was because of our honest face, she didn't hesitate to agree. In the end, we paid RM9 each and enjoyed ourselves, including sauna service. Too bad that I still don't know how to swim even though Alvin has been teaching me. I just can't relax my whole body and swim like a fish. Swimming is hard man...

Is over 12 now and my birthday ends with a satisfaction note, though I am expecting some "latecomers". Haha.... Once again, thanks profoundly to those who turned up to surprise me, those who smsed me with birthday wishes, those who left their comments on facebook, those who tricked me to cyber cafe and those yet to come... I beg your forgiveness if I missed anyone out, be kind enough to remind me.

It is not how expensive the cake is, nor how expensive the present is, but the thought that counts. Never mind I got no tangible present, for what I've received (or going to receive?) is invaluable and imperishable. It warms my heart every now and then, gives me strength when I'm weak, cheers me up whenever I'm demotivated, paints my life with colours, what tangible goods could have done this? None.

You made my day! I love you, my family and friends! ('',)

p.s Stay tune ya ^^

Wednesday, August 5

Lefties vs Righties

School reopened for a week or so and as far as I'm concerned, everything is going smooth, in spite of the worsening pandemic, haze and some hiccups going on. I do hope all my dearest friends out there are in good shape, stay healthy ya? ^^

Well, it's August now! For Chinese, 8 itself is auspicious in nature and that's why there are so many August babies (Opps, it just a wild guess and it is not necessarily true). But the very fact is, in my calender, birthday reminders in August outnumber any other months and they come one after another! Which means my wallet will go flat; my stomach, on the other hand, will be fattened. Oh no...

Anyhow, with all my sincerity i wish you all a very happy birthday! Though we might lost contact, though we might not as friend as we used to be, though you might not remember me, it doesn't matter.

Besides, August is also a festive month in Malaysia! What else could it be? Of course I'm talking about our National Day, what is better than having no school and lazing around? xD
But did you know that, there is a Left Handers' Day out there and it so happens to fall on this propitious month too?

Lolx, I know you might feel like "what the crab? left handers' day?!" but this is not a joke nor it is a nonsense, it is an annual event when left-handers everywhere can celebrate their our (I'm a left-hander too) sinistrality and increase public awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of being left-handed.

Did you ever wonder why are you a right-hander but not a left-hander, or vice versa? Well, I do. I've been always wondering why am I the only left-hander in my family? Research shows it is the gene that messing around. Leaders, entrepreneurs are not born, how bout this issue here?

Lore has it that left-handers are generally better at 3-dimensional perception and thinking, leading, for example, to more left-handed architects than normal. Left-handers are also usually pretty good at most ball sports and things involving hand-to-eye co-ordination. Proofs?

Can you name some of the successful lefties? Way back centuries ago, we got geniuses like Albert Eistein and Leonardo da Vinci; famous musicians like Beethoven, Schumann; great artist like Michelangelo; while Barak Obama, David Archuleta, Larry Bird, Hugh Jackman, Celine Dion, Nicole Kidman, Henry Ford and Bill Gates are some of the strong characters in this ten years. Undoubtly, they are (were) talented and brilliant.

one of the M.C. Escher's masterpiece

Mona Lisa by da Vinci

However, nothing is perfect. To be honest, being a left-hander brings me more or less some inconvenience in my daily life. For instance, "fighting scenes" are available on packed dining table especially when chopsticks are in use, problems in using scissors and rulers, extra care needed when using ball pen and so on. See, as a minority (only about 13% of the world population) we are somewhat neglected. As there are very little tools and machinery specially designed for us, we are forced to use right-handed tools and machinery which is completely back-to-front for us.

That's why Left-Handers' Day is needed, with the idea of having everyone to celebrate in fun, practical ways, making right handed family members/friends/colleagues realise how "dextrous" (right-handed term, hmm.....) we have to be because we are constantly adapting a right-handed world to work for a left-hander. Getting right handers to do everything left-handed for the day is a great way to make the point!

But in Malaysia, the awareness to this itself is a big question mark, let alone having events as such. Just imagine how it will be if there is such event, you will be able to know your left-handed family or friends better through a whole lot of laughther, isn't that great?

There's nothing wrong to be a left-hander or right-hander, and there is no need to fight to see who is better, for each of us has our own specialities and we are equally good. So, don't set upon me after you read this post, I never meant lefties are any superior than righties, deal?
Anyway, greet your left-handed friends, if any, a happy Left-Handers' Day on 13 of August as it is a day for us! :)