Saturday, February 28

Back to school

Haha, going back to school makes me feel good, at least it puts a full stop to my "miserable" holidays. Well, my last few posts are kinda negative and emotional, so just flush with a good news;


I'm still standing a chance to get either partial or full scholarship to UQ!

Buahaha.... It means I have to work harder if I want to realize my dream to study aboard! So wish me luck ya!

Nothing much happened during the first week of school, except kinda headache on choosing what subjects. But at the end, I'm taking four subjects:
1. ACC200 - Accounting Information Systems by Mr Gavin Chong
2. ACC203 - Financial Accounting 2 by Dr Steven Liew
3. LAW 201 - Company Law by Ms Chitra Latha Ramalingam
4. FIN202 - Financial Management by Mr Selvanadan

3 out of 4 days are having 8am class, which mean I have to wake up early! But my bigger concern is my lecturer. So far only Ms Chitra gives me a good impression, others are kinda... erm... below decent, especially Dr Steven. I wonder is he teaching the right concepts? By the way, as I promised to myself, I need to work harder and get a better results this year, so...

I like Accounting Information Systems; I like Mr Gavin Chong;
I like Financial Accounting 2; I like Steven Liew;
I like Company Law; I like Ms Chitra;
I like Financial Management; I like Mr Selvanadan;
I like Accounting Information Systems; I like Mr Gavin Chong;
I like Financial Accounting 2; I like Steven Liew;
I like Company Law; I like Ms Chitra;
I like Financial Management; I like Mr Selvanadan;
I like ...

p.s. Went to Beautiful Tone- East & West and it is really really nice, those who missed it, too bad... I particularly like the second part, which they performed John Rutter's opus but it doesn't mean LuZaiYi is incompetent. Guys, you all did a great job! Listening to them, there's an urge to stand on stages again...
p.s. Those who are fighting for the scholarship, let's work hard together!

Sunday, February 22

Where's my guts?

Again, cowardice got the better of me just now,

Pretending to talk with some one else but deep down in my heart, I was dying to talk to you...


Opportunity doesn't just happen every time, and would I ever bump into you again?

Very very unlikely...

What the heck is wrong with me? Where's my guts?

Just leave me alone...

Sunday, February 15


Just wanted to update myself with news and I saw this funny photo from The Malaysian Insider


p.s. It was actually members of a German winter swimming association, wearing fancy dress, are seen during a bathe in the Baltic Sea at the beach of Ahlbeck, northern Germany, Saturday, Feb 14, 2009. - AP pic

So, how was your valentine's day? Were you as crazy as them? Wearing red, love shape undies, together with roses and chocolates and confessing to our loved one? Haha...


Having a valentine's diner in the jungle? Like what Tarzan & Jane used to do? Lolx...

p.s. I went to zoo negara a couple of day before and saw this. Creative enough?

Nevermind how you celebrate with your loved one, always remember that it is the thought that counts; and for those who are single like me... Erm... no comment.

As for me, I hanged out with Chui Wen, Ryan, Alvin, Ah Xing, Wen Hao and Xiao Lian at Mid Valley. Too bad I can't watch Red Cliff 2! In fact, we watched Pink Panther 2 as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was sold out too. Gosh... If you enjoy Johnny English, this would be exactly the one you might like it. Anyway, it is hilarious, only thing that puzzled me is why the movie is called Pink Panther 2 when there's no sight of Pink Panther throughout the movie? Forget about the animated one, I don't count him as part of the movie.

Despite that, we had a gourmet lunch at 香港粥面家 (Canton-i). Alvin brought us to this cosy restaurant in The Garden. Since it is located in The Garden, needless to say the price will be rather expensive, but it is acceptable and you will definitely willing to pay for it. I mean the restaurant makes me feel at home, in addition the food are just too scrumptious! So, what else are you complaining at? If you haven been there before, don't hesitate to give it a try. Opps, we didn't take any photos or else just by looking at them will make your mouth water! Seriously...

Well, nothing much to write. Just sincerely wish those who are in love appreciate the special one and if you so happen to bump into Cupid, just do me a favour, tell him that I'm looking for him.

Tuesday, February 10

Officially missing you

Never do I express my innermost feelings but as valentine is nigh, I am in a reminiscent mood again. Last year's valentine was extraordinary for me, so it should be normal for me to be a bit sentimental now, right?

So many things I wanted to write about but I just can't put it into words...

Well, might as well cut it short,
1. Although I am still thinking of being together with you, I knew it is totally absurd and impractical.
2. I've been trying to let go and as of late, all I want is to repair this alienated friendship, if and only if you want too.3. Thanks for all the sweet memories and happiness, I will treasure them forever and ever; thanks for encouraging me all the time; thanks for teaching me that we have to let go in certain circumstances. So many things I wanted to thank you, all in all, thanks for everything you've done.4. Sorry that I've burdened you; sorry for messing up your life; sorry for being a disturbance;I truthfully apologise.

Yeah, you are definitely someone that I don't want to lose, and perhaps for the last time I say:

I love you

p.s Happy valentine!

Sunday, February 1

Nasty Experience

Never had such a rainy CNY, drizzling days and nights. But who cares? Nothing can stop us from visiting friends and relatives right? Anyway, how's your CNY? As for me, I got two ulcers, Lolx... So don't just eat non-stop, adequate water consumption is very important too. Anyway, wish all of you have a happy 牛 year! Stay happy, stay healthy ya!

my new year XD
So, as all of you know, I have my surgery about three weeks ago. By the word "surgery" itself is formidably, even though I've been assuring others as well as myself that it is nothing more than a sleep, still, I trembled when I was in the waiting room! Ahem, I wasn't that afraid, just that the room was too cold, even though they put me under the ultraviolet lamp.

After waiting for an hour but what seems like forever, finally I was brought into the operation room. The operating room light came into sight once I was brought inside and kinda surprised that the surgeons were listening to Hitz.FM instead of a serene environment.Whirling around, the room is full of equipments and all the staff was gowned.

I was switched to another bed and one of the assistant poked my right wrist with a needle-like instrument (guess to check my blood level) while the others checked my identity once more and get everything well-prepared. Then, Doctor Hilmi, the anesthesiologist came over and gave me three injections. Within seconds, a freezing feeling past through my hand and everything started to fade away and...
The next thing I knew was the surgery was done and I just reached my ward. So happened my mum just arrived and from her conversation with the nurses who brought me back I found out it was 4 something... As far as I'm concern, my consciousness faded away and regained for quite a number of times in the next few hours, barely remember that Doctor Gan came in; nurses came in to take my temperature, blood pressure... My mum told me that I was as pale as death and I was too weak to speak, let alone getting out of bed.

By the time I was fully aware of my existence, it was already 8pm. I thought I've nothing else to worry about since the surgery was over. But apparently, I was wrong. The aftermath was the real disaster. As the anaesthesia lost effect, I started to feel an immense pain on my left arm, ice bag and pain killer were needed to alleviate the pain. Further more, I felt as if I have been trapped in desert for days, extremely exhausted, thirsty and hungry since I've been fasting since the clock stroke 12am the night before my surgery. Worst still, with nothing in my stomach, I kept vomiting bitterly yellow stuff, which really made me sick. I tried to drink some water but ended up throwing up again.

No doubt that the night was the longest night I ever had, as if somebody had bewitched the clocks to go extra slow. My roommate, an old man with knees problem, and his spouse were fast asleep, the only companion was their snoring, or the nurse who came in to assist me when I felt like throwing up. Pity me...

The next morning, I managed to drink and consume solid food, not much appetite but I stoped vomiting and everything eventually back to normal. I went for rehabilitation twice that day. It was really tough...

Nothing remarkable next. But before I ended this, some acknowledgement will do.
- Thanks my families for all the helpings, especially my bro for bathing me. I'm really sorry to burden you all.
- Thanks Pastor Joshua, Aunt Judy, Khai Jen, Melisa, Jescee, Jayden, Alvin, Zhi Quan and Hui Bin for visiting me, your appearance makes me feel good.
- Thanks Li De, Ah Yan, Dao Ming, and John for sms me, your sms cheered me up too.
Lastly, I'm sorry if I missed out any of you, forgive me for my forgetfulness.