Wednesday, April 23

Dear blog,

It's been really quite a while since I last visited you. Well, I've never forgotten about you, but most of the time, laziness gets the better of me and so I paid a silent visit without leaving trace, but be rest assured, you've always been my confidant and home to my emotions. Thanks dear blog, for preserving my memories as I travel along this highway to hell.

So I believe you have met my best buddies not long ago huh?

#Sherlock Holmes Wannabes #buddiesforlife
Yup, that's us trying to be Sherlock Holmes cracking mystery, it was a fun night!

And that's us after a year buddy-ship. Spot any difference? Just ignore my hair will you?

How about a snippet on the little devil in my house is now 4 years old! Putting a smile on your face to him is just as simple as ABC, but sometimes he does drive me up the wall when he choose to misbehave. 

#Bday #duckphotobombing
The most epic moment that stays with me is that he asked for something and to imbue good manners in him, so we asked for the magic word, ie. please. But he answered instinctively: "Meeska, Mooska, Mousketeer!" Ain't he adorable? 

So dear blog, I guess that's it for now. What?! Where have I been on weekends? Gah, you surely are qualified for paparazzi, but guess you're right! I've been having good times on weekends and things are going smoothly, so stay tune and I'll tell you more when it's time! 

Off to bed, take care dear blog!  :p