Monday, April 27

A crazy little thing called "LOVE"

Some say love, it is a river
that drowns the tender reed.
Some say love, it is a razor
that leaves your soul to bleed.

Some say love, it is a hunger,

an endless aching need.

I say love, it is a flower,

and you it's only seed.

It's the heart afraid of breaking

that never learns to dance.

It's the dream afraid of waking

that never takes the chance.

It's the one who won't be taken,

who cannot seem to give,

and the soul afraid of dyin'

that never learns to live.

When the night has been too lonely

and the road has been to long,

and you think that love is only

for the lucky and the strong,

just remember in the winter

far beneath the winter snows

lies the seed that with the sun's love

in the spring becomes the rose.

----The Rose

Saturday, April 18

Malaysian Studies Project

Human are so funny though, once we get used to the hectic life, we feel so uncomfortable when we come to a break. Instead of lazing around or watching movie, I might as well post some leng zai and leng lui photos.

Leng lui first

Say cheese!

Leng luis again!

Li Fen & Li Li

Heng Fei, me & Ah Xin

Nicole & Rou Shian

Chui Wen, me & Ming Yee

me & Heng Fei

Nicole, Han Wen & Chui Wen

Li Fen & Ming Yee

Me & Ah Xin
Li Fen & Li Li

Lip Jian & me

Nicole & Li Fen
Chui Wen & me
Ming Yee the blur

Li Fen & me

Chui Wen & Li Li

Nicole & Ming Yee

Rou Shian & me

Lip Jian & Li Fen
Toby, Chui Wen & Li Fen

Li Fen & Heng Fei
Li Li & me

Love in the air, Ah Xin & Chui Wen
Heng Fei & Li Li, the lovely-dovey couple
Well, the whole project was recorded and here it is. We got only three days to practice, so don't expect something great. But to me, the effort and the commitment are the most important one. So, give us a big hand and enjoy the show.

Oh ya, thanks profoundly to those who helped us on this project. Without your help, we might not be able to make it. Domo arigato gozaimashita!

Reminiscing the days we stayed together and practicing Malaysia Medley, diabolo as well as Pahang Joget, it was a great experience and I would never forget it. Guys, I love you all! ('',)

Thursday, April 16

Buai mid term and assignments!

Imagine right after handed in a whole lots of assignments and project, there is mid term test waiting for you, how exhausted would you be? If you got only one subject for your mid term test, good for you; if you got two, that's fair enough and if you got three, wish you luck. But what if there are four? Omg, these really happened to me! Worst still, four subjects in three days!

Never mind, it's all over! Buahaha....
No more burning mid night oil, no more tricky questions, and it is time to have a good sleep! =D

Wednesday, April 8

This is what pissed me off

I have to admit I'm rather bad temper, but this is what I totally can't tolerate with.

Well, I'm talking about the management in my school, and some of their employees. Despite the two lecturers whom have lost my respect, these two bloody idiots from the maintenance department who were supposed to help us to set up all the things we requested for our project just sat aside without telling us they were ready to set things up. In fact, they just tested the sounding system, that's all. I asked the department to send all the things over here before 11 and since it was almost 11, we sent someone to check with them, but they said no such things. Bloody idiot! So I went there myself and they told me their staffs were already there. So that two bloody idiot scolded me for kept on complaining for nothing. I am not a great observer nor I know how to read mind, you didn't tell me anything how would I know? Even when I asked them if they were controlling the sounding system for us he didn't mention anything other than sounding system. It is normal to assume they are just in charge of sounding system right? Or as the staff, you might ask me when all the things should be set up right? Maybe I'm too idiot. At the end of the day, I still apologized... Merely because we needed their help, it is no use putting the whole group into trouble.

Another thing that I feel so indignant is there are so many overlapping authorities! Darn, so many lecturers are talking about satisfying customers' needs, gaining competitive advantages, effective management but these are all nonsenses to the superiors. What the lecturer told us was different from what department of student affair told us. And the worst was I had already obtained an approval letter but the head of DSA said how could it be? What the crab! How many departments should I address just to get an approval for my project?

Not only this, I trapped in the car park for about 20 minutes to pay the parking ticket. Mind that we are paying it manually, and there's only one exit for students or visitors. You know what caused my temper to rise? Three brainless idiots in the pondok and only one was working! Why don't the other two come out and collect the fees behind the queue? A little ingenuity will do isn't? No wonder why government department always take so long to get thing done.

Aiz, I don't want to be a whining idiot, but I just can't stand all these. I know it is kinda rude, but just allow me this time, fuck you!

Saturday, April 4

Random #1

What a hectic week I had. Been doing my assignments and finally it comes to an end. Nay, I find no sense of satisfaction on my assignments, but what is done is done, so just forget it. Anyway, I just want to thank Ting in advance, without your laptop, I might get into real trouble. Even though you might not read this, still thanks a thousand times over. And because of him, I started to believe maybe utilitarianism is not a Utopian idea. He is really really nice to everyone, he will just give you a hand even if you don't ask. So maybe I shouldn't deny the existence of utilitarian anymore. =D

Oh ya, I've been practicing Chinese yo-yo like mad this few days for the Malaysian Studies project. Lolx... I have to admit how dumb I am! I used 3 hours learning through trial and errors and at last the yo yo sounded, but my brother and my sister did that just not longer than 5 minutes! Argh...

I don't know why quite a number of my friends' birthdays fall on April, [Shrug] In chronological order, Hui Xin (31 March),Chui Wen (5 April), Kin Ho (6 April) and Joanna (7 April). See... Don't be surprise if you see me with a pot belly next time XD

Words for April babies:
To Hui Xin: It is really nice to know you, fun always double up when you are around! Always my "dai ka jie" XD

To Chui Wen: Hehe, surprised? Really lucky to know you and appreciate everything very much as well. Without you, I might skip all my classes started from day 1. Lolx... You can be very good, so be confident and work hard ya? =D

To Kin Ho: Opps, sorry that I can't make it to your celebration. Been knowing each other for more than ten years, you won't mind that right? Haha... Anyway, thanks for helping me all the time, see when let's go exercise, not basketball again of course. Football this time.

To Joanna: Never thought that I will meet you in HELP again. Haha, not bad you still remember me...

Sincerely wish all of you a very happy birthday, may all your dreams come true!