Monday, December 13

"To be more awesome than last year"
I remember early this year I set this as my goal for 2010. But truth be told, I failed badly. If there is a scale to judge my yearly performance up to my 21 years of existence on earth, I think I've been the worse me in 2010. 

I abused all the trusts that were put forth on me and brought disappointment to those I hold dear. How unworthy...

If there is one last thing I got to do before the arrival of 2011, it would be a sincere apology to all whom I've troubled, disappointed, hurt and offended. It's time to get myself out of this mess, not without all of your help though. So please kick me in my butt when I show a slight sign of irresponsibility. 

Few more days to 2011, few things that I shall start doing:
  • Be a better bf, brother, son, friend and a follower of Christ
  • Be on time
  • Stop procrastinate and get things done fast
  • Keep my words
and most importantly, be more awesome than whom I was.
To end this, Merry Christmas to all wonderful people around me! =) 

Tuesday, July 27


I can't remember when was my first encounter with piano. It wasn't because of interest that I started learning piano and as far as my memory is concerned, silly to say, as a young boy I always felt so embarrassed to tell my friends that I learn piano. For me back then, piano is for girls. So imagine with no interest, no love, nothing, I'd always wanted to stop, just that this idea had never passed through my parent. Strangely enough, I never failed any paper and now I can't stop wondering what if I failed all those years, would I green with envy when I look at others playing piano now?

My life is full of blessing, you see. I changed piano teacher for quite a few times but I dare say none of them is as good as Melissa. One of them even told my mom that she doesn't like me and requested to take my brother only, how terrible is that! My interest started to grow for few reasons but I'm just like a typist, practise to hit the notes correctly on the piano. Soulless. Dry. Unexciting. This can't be blamed, for years I was just following instructions, hitting the right notes without appreciation and passion. That's why I feel extremely diffident to play for anyone. At least not until I overcome this, so stay tuned will ya?

Tuesday, July 13

I don't know whether you would like this a not, but I'm totally in love with this! 

Zee Avi rocks! =) 

Weird taste of music I have. Yes? No? 

Thursday, June 24

Who's Next?

Love is like rain, we can't live in drought. Love is like rain, it comes and it goes. Every time it comes, it comes in a different form, a unique story that belongs to no others. Yet when it goes, you know it will come back one day. 

Now that the rain has stopped, I'm gotta roll over the muddy field and wait for the next one to dance with me in the rain. 

Monday, May 31


My life would suck without you

Monday, March 29

Life is like a black man's left testicle, it's not right it's not fair

Lolx, the above line is quoted from Talentime, lame? 

So I watched Talentime few days back with a bunch of crazy fellows. I would say the movie is worth watching, feel free just grab one and watch. Oh, the DVD we rent does not have subtitle and we were guessing the plot most of the time because they speak in all languages, BM, Chinese, Cantonese, Tamil, English and even in sign language. That's Malaysia!  

I never find Malaysian produced movie appealing, at least to me. Interesting enough, the trigger point to give Talentime a try was Yasmin Ahmad's death. Had she still alive, I wouldn't have chosen Talentime when we're struggling what movie to watch that night. In fact, I wouldn't even know her. 

Just like Micheal Jackson, you know, his long sleep has put him back in the limelight again. Those who didn't know him now became his fans; suddenly all the negative charges against him dismissed; people moonwalk-ing on streets; his humanitarian hits warmed the earth... You can even hear people saying "Guess what, I never liked him but things changed now. He is awesome!"  Of course, I'm one of them. 

Anyhow, I find it extremely perplexing when someone's death actually brought more attention to him/her. Perplexed as in I don't know if I should feel happy or sad on behalf of the deceased; glad that finally my hard works are now recognised and much appreciated, but at an irreplaceable expense. 

Why must we start being more appreciative only when we start losing? Sigh... 

Sunday, March 7

Say "hi" to my long-lost friends

Funny fact about problems is that when they come, they don't come alone. They come in bunch.

JAMES 1:2-4 
'Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lack of anything.' 

So, the scripture tells me do not resent problems, temptations or trials as intruders even though they are tearing my body and my soul into pieces. In the opposite, greet them as I would a long-lost friend. 

Truce, shall we? 

Thursday, January 21

Our God is an AWESOME GOD!

Too many coincidences is no more a coincidence,
prayers are answered,
doubts are cleared,
and I can no longer deny YOU as my saviour.

My chains are gone, and I feel like shouting this, OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!


Sunday, January 3

First Post of the Year, but It Just Lame

It all started like this:

Nicole says:
ohh, look at my facebook profile

Ji@ChEk [ = 0 ] says:

Nicole says:
saw it

Ji@ChEk [ = 0 ] says:
ur love match?
ok la
come let's get married

Nicole says:

Ji@ChEk [ = 0 ] says:

Nicole says:
okaaay, lets go

Ji@ChEk [ = 0 ] says:
i got a better idea
mayb i shud go my facebook n see who's my love match

Nicole says:
hmm, maybe.

Ji@ChEk [ = 0 ] says:
if ur name appear

Nicole says:
hmmm, lets see

Ji@ChEk [ = 0 ] says:
oh no
we r juz getting a bit too crazy

Nicole says:

Ji@ChEk [ = 0 ] says:

Nicole says:
oh lol

Ji@ChEk [ = 0 ] says:

Nicole says:

Ji@ChEk [ = 0 ] says:
facebook is juz lame

Anyway, happy new year to everyone =)