Tuesday, July 27


I can't remember when was my first encounter with piano. It wasn't because of interest that I started learning piano and as far as my memory is concerned, silly to say, as a young boy I always felt so embarrassed to tell my friends that I learn piano. For me back then, piano is for girls. So imagine with no interest, no love, nothing, I'd always wanted to stop, just that this idea had never passed through my parent. Strangely enough, I never failed any paper and now I can't stop wondering what if I failed all those years, would I green with envy when I look at others playing piano now?

My life is full of blessing, you see. I changed piano teacher for quite a few times but I dare say none of them is as good as Melissa. One of them even told my mom that she doesn't like me and requested to take my brother only, how terrible is that! My interest started to grow for few reasons but I'm just like a typist, practise to hit the notes correctly on the piano. Soulless. Dry. Unexciting. This can't be blamed, for years I was just following instructions, hitting the right notes without appreciation and passion. That's why I feel extremely diffident to play for anyone. At least not until I overcome this, so stay tuned will ya?

Tuesday, July 13

I don't know whether you would like this a not, but I'm totally in love with this! 

Zee Avi rocks! =) 

Weird taste of music I have. Yes? No?