Wednesday, November 18

And so, emo knocks on my door

Staring at the monitor, I could hardly think of anything to write despite there is a strong desire to write something.

Is this called emo?

Or it is just the galactic effect that claims to bring the world to annihilation in 2 years time?

Friday, November 13



Well, I know it is ... AHCHEW! ... very dusty here...

If you're wondering what have been keeping me for being so busy, blame exams. Haha...

Anyway, before I go into the main point, just allow me to say this:


Wonder if you notice this, early in a year denotes a new start, when we meet new friends, expecting something new with great enthusiasm and even the sun is hotter, as if he feels our happiness too? But when it comes to November and December, leaves falling in profusion, gloomy dark clouds covering the sky, drizzling all day long, and everyone is about to bid farewell. Is the world programmed such a way that everything has a season?

Forgive my sentimentality (nice word to substitute emo isn't?), but when I read my friends' blog writing on their feelings toward graduation, reviewing their last year in secondary school and etc, I can't help but to let my mind wander back through the time tunnel. What further magnified this are old photos uploaded on Facebook, thanks to technology advancement huh?

Reminiscing all these days, I couldn't tell what exactly my feelings are, but I do smile as I flip through one by one. People that I've met, the ups and downs of my own, things that I've done... And I began to ask myself, had it never happened that way, what would I be today?

How good it is to have memories, if one day I lost all my memories, ouch... I don't even dare to imagine this. Anyway, all good things must come to an end, what makes the difference is either you treasure what you have or you take them for granted and regret later.

With this, here I am to say happy birthday to my mom. For whatever reasons, I find it hard to say happy birthday to her in person. Maybe I'm just too lousy in expressing myself, maybe I'm just too shy... Happy Birthday, mom =)

p.s. Oh ya, I found this accidently, 6sAi's class blog, ohno, I miss my ex-classmates =(